Why does Wappler want access to control System Events on Mac?

Hello. I’m new to Wappler.

After launching Wappler for the first time on my Mac, the app asks for “access to control System Events”. What’s that about?

I tend to be cautious about giving third party apps system level access to anything unless I understand what it’s about.

If anyone happens to know, please fill me in. Thanks!

Auto update notifications?

No update notifications. I’m on version 2.2.2, which I believe is the latest one.

I eventually had to click “Don’t Allow” because the dialog box would not go away, even when I completely quit Wappler.

Any chance it has something to do with logging? I ask because when I click the Wappler icon in my Mac’s menu bar, there is a “Restart with Logging” option right under the “Check for Updates” option.

I think it has to do with watching for file changes.

See the last post in this thread, Directories being locked when Wappler Open

Also see this thread on Apple’s forum that briefly describes what System Events does. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2136534

Hi Eddie,

Welcome to Wappler and our great community!

To deliver the best user experience with Wappler, we have included a Wappler launcher. You can see it running in the menu bar as icon on top.

The launcher starts automatically when you login, and do to do so it needs access to what apple calls “system events” - hence the permissions question.

The Wappler launcher delivers much faster Wappler startup afterwards and update notifications.
But it is fully optional and you can switch it on/off in the Wappler options.

Also it is good to know that Wappler is fully Apple Approved !

Each Wappler version is officially notarized by Apple before it is available for download from the Wappler site. This guarantees you bullet proof installation and a great level of trust on MacOS.


Thanks, George.

FYI: I had clicked “Don’t Allow” on the Mac system dialing box, but when I checked the Wappler settings, “Start launcher when you log in” was toggled on.

Which is fine, because I want it on anyway now that I know what it is. Just wanted to let you know that Wappler doesn’t seem to currently respect the choice from the Mac system dialog.