When changing items in UI it is not updating in the code

Wappler Version :2.2.7
Operating System :Mac Catalina 10.15

When you alter a tag for text colour it should update the code

Its not updating the code. Restart of Wappler normal cures it for a short time

How to reproduce

Set up a page and change things in the UI.

This was happening on a previous version and something to do with Wappler not updating. It was cured in a previous version, but its back again.

Also seen this, generally I take it as an indicator that Wappler needs a restart which seems to cure it but I agree it can be annoying and appears to be a bug


I’m noticing this more and more and I think I have narrowed it down to happening when in Split view. At least that is when it happens for me.

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I’ve noticed it in both normal and split. When in design mode, you can makes changes and it shows on the screen, but when you upload it the code is not there.
Restart Wappler and hey presto it works again.
I’m finding I’m having to work in split view to make sure the code goes in.

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Same thing here, in split view. Only thing that corrects it for me is to close the file I’m working on, re-open it. Works for a few edits, then have to do the same thing all over again.

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Never use split view, still happens to me.

Happens repeatedly, have to be so vigilant otherwise can save without changes.

One of the reasons code might not get updated is if you have structural errors. You should see them reported in the toolbar above or in the code left side.

Is that maybe the case?

No errors from what I can see George.
But also if that was the case then It would happen when you restart Wappler, but it does not it goes away for a while then starts again.
This happened quite a few versions back and was rectified.

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I presume it is happening only when you are changing specific properties?

Could you setup a step by step reproduction guide, starting from blank page?

List exactly which properties fail to update.

Also it will be helpful if you have the logging on when it all happens and attach the log file as well.

It can be on any property, it’s almost like the engine stalls, but when you restart it then it’s ok for a while.
I’ll run the logging next week when I’m back in the office and sent the log files.


Yes log files can show us the exact error

I have this a lot. I have got used to closing the file/tab and reopening and most of the time it is as you would expect. Not really studied it to give any details.

Me too. Always been an issue for me. I close the file and reopen it too,
Looks like its quite widespread.

For anyone experiencing similar issues - please restart Wappler in debugging mode and send us the debug logs, after this happens.

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I too have this problem a lot as I usually also work in split mode. Next time I"m having issues I will restart in debug mode.

Happy Monday!

chrome_debug.log.zip (64.5 KB)

This time when it happened I was changing the text colour on 2 buttons (connected & loading)
It showed on the design that it had changed however when I previewed it (using eye in Wappler) the colours were to changed, nor was the colour change added to the code.
Hope this helps as it would be awesome to get this fixed…

Here is another log, all I was trying to do was and an icon (fontawesome) to a title, showed in the properties, but not in the screen view or the code, restarted Wappler and again it was not there added it again and no issues.
Seem to be when you restart Wappler then it works ok for a while. chrome_debug.log 2.zip (8.5 KB)

Hi everybody, I’ve been testing the application for 1 day and it’s just what I need, it’s awesome. Unfortunately I find the same problem, after making 3 or 4 modifications, the changes are lost and I have to restart the application. Thus, I can not work. How can I start the application in debug mode to be able to provide data?

As soon as this is resolved, I will sign up for the PRO subscription.

Hi @enber79, welcome to Wappler.

You shouldn’t lose any work when using Wappler. The syncing issue is a problem and you have to keep an eye on it. I always work in split view as I want to see what’s going on anyway - and to check it. If I notice the syncing is not working, I restart Wappler. This may be necessary fairly often - but not after a small number of changes.

To start logging, at least on Windows, the option is in the system tray:


(Edit - it also seems to help to use the ‘Quit Wappler’ option on the menu above - rather than just closing the application. This will kill a number of background processes which will otherwise remain - I imagine these include cache files etc…)