What framework(s) to use for my app?


I’m trying to get acquainted with Wappler and all of its components which has my head spinning at the moment. So I’m looking for advice on the best path forward for my app.

High-level idea:

I’m building a Customer Relationship Management type system that will have web, desktop, and mobile clients. For data privacy reasons I need to have a Desktop/Mobile app that is able to store specific tables/data locally. I also want to have shared data (specific tables) on the server for all desktop/mobile clients to access.

Is this setup possible with Wappler?

App Connect, Framework7, Bootstrap, etc.

Are these used together or should I pick only one of them?

Which would be best for my high-level idea?


In Wappler you should always use App Connect - it is the main frontend framework comparable with React, Vue or angular- but much more easy and visual to use in Wappler.

For css design framework you can choose between bootstrap 4 or Framework7 for mobile.

If you need that wide range of devices, I suggest starting from the web part with bootstrap 4 and making it responsive. It is usually enough.

If you need mobile native look you can always do later Framework7 as well.

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