What ever happened to the Stripe integration?

I can’t find the thread right now but a couple months ago George hinted on an upcoming Stripe integration update coming soon.

Just wondering where that is at? :sunglasses:

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Well it is a MASSIVE integration, that you will see tomorrow :slight_smile:

We are plugin-in the whole Stripe API, with 310 Server Connect Actions!

Also 116 Webhooks event types will be available:

And all the Server Actions and Webbooks has rich output data to pick from:

So now you know the meaning of “massive” integration.

Start reading the different Stripe workflows the Stripe docs to get acquainted :slight_smile:



Holy crap!!! Way beyond what I expected. That is awesome. Thank you.


Change labels?

Create Three dsecure = Create 3D secure
Retrieve Three dsecure = Retrieve 3D secure

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will do - UI is still work in progress :slight_smile:

Will this be for both PHP and NodeJS?

yes both NodeJS and PHP


310 actions and 116 events. Piece of cake!

Forgot to mention the 393 data schemas to pick from :slight_smile:

Happily we are importing the whole Stripe API automatically thanks their OpenAPI spec. But still it is quite heavy :slight_smile:


Mind blown!!! :exploding_head:

Can’t wait to explore!

I’ve just rolled my own !!!

Ho-hum. Big effort all and well done.

I spent a full day rebuilding ours from the ground up on Monday :sweat_smile:

@George this looks great!

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This is absolutely awesome. Exactly what’s been needed. Can’t wait to make use of it, thanks @George.

Will PayPal follow? :wink:

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Sorry no PayPal - they have awful api and terrible overcharged fees. We stopped using them long time ago when we discovered Stripe which is way better.

So we are actually doing you a favor and saving you money by not supporting PayPal but just Stripe.

Once you start using Stripe, you will never want to go back and PayPal will look like an ancient history :slight_smile:

I completely agree but the site I built last year specifically wants PayPal adding to it because customers have PayPal accounts and want to use those for payment instead of credit/debit cards. So unfortunately we can’t just ignore it. :frowning: