What Does <p wappler-command="editContent"> Do?

I’ve just noticed some of my

tags have this extra wappler-command bit that has appeared…

<p wappler-command="editContent">

What does this do and why has it been added?

I’m using 5.1.1…


PS - looks like it has been a thing before…

It should not be added to your code, it are attributes that we add to the dom in the design view for our editor. Do you know when it was added to your code?

Happening a lot, it has been there since V4. I assumed it was some new wappler feature. Seems pretty random.

Hi @patrick… no, I can’t be sure when they arrived… I never used v4, so either from 3.9.7 or 5.x.

I’ll remove them with search and replace!

File date stamped 22 April 2022. Actually only seeing this in PHP sites as far as I can tell

I just checked a half dozen projects and don’t see this issue. PHP as well.

I see a couple in a PHP project I started in about june and this one from April but I have noticed this before. It doesnt cause any issues so I didnt think much if it.

I think the issue occurs when text is pasted into Wappler (and perhaps other circumstances). I think it’s been an issue for a long time.

Eg here I’ve copied some numbers typed into a text editor, created a new paragraph in Wappler and pasted the text:

I think that is it, where i can see this issue appears to be where long bits of text have been pasted in and split into separate paragraphs by wappler

I reported this issue a while ago. Patrick was ‘assigned’ and then ‘unassigned’, so perhaps the issue was addressed and has come back (or perhaps it was never completely fixed).

I’m seeing it in NodeJS site back to February

There were indeed reports in version 3 or 4 about this, most of the cases were fixed. I believe it happens mostly when editing text within design view.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.4