Webpack support

maybe you can add webpack extension …
this is so usefull for users

Just curious, what would be a use case that you would want to use Webpack?

  1. smaler = faster
  2. compact code
  3. easy use

we are voip telecom operator and we need to write fast code and fast modification…

+1 for this. I regularly use Laravel Mix as it’s a very nice abstraction on top of Webpack and makes for a fantastic frontend asset pipeline. I even use it with node.js projects; have it output a manifest file and I wrote a Pug filter to dynamically insert the fingerprinted assets into my layout template. Works amazingly well.

I usually like to combine and minify the vendor-specific assets and keep my app specific code separate, as the vendor assets rarely update as much as my app specific code.

Many thanks.


This would be a game changer for me, yes, yes, yes please.

I did this manually using
a couple months back and it took me a week to get it working, but the site speed was “varvy” good afterwards. That wasnt a spelling mistake, thats dork humour at its finest.