Webinar 3 - found the Error

For those who managed to stick to the end of the the marathon webinar, the code error at the very end was a simple error (i blame extreme fatigue)
I typed:


Should have been


I missed the 1s

Will edit the webinar end to reflect that before i upload it to YouTube.

Thanks again to those who joined me


I figured you’d find it as soon as you went offline. Well done today, Brian. Your time is greatly appreciated.


Found the one in the middle also, password change. It was caused by the repeat password field, removing that $_GET from the server action fixed the error.

So annoyed, have done those actions so often, should not have had those issues

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Blame it on the pressure of working in front of an audience. I used to stream photo restoration and sometimes theatre poster design. It’s lots of fun when things go well. Somedays it just doesn’t go as smooth as it should. The joys of live presentations!


Great presentation Brian! These small issues are nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

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Really enjoyed that one Brian, learned a lot. I’ve been using DW since 1998 (and DMXZone since 2005) so I’ve been pretty ingrained into the DW world of bugs etc. The last few years I’ve been handballing a lot of code rather than letting DW handle it. It seems the more I use Wappler the more capable I find it, it really is an amazing bit of kit.

These tutorials are a kind of ‘fast track’ for people like me to get a quick grasp on how to use it, your work is much appreciated.

Think i may reassess the next 3 though, need to see if timing is realistic. 2 hrs was too long for comfort,may have to split them up a little


As always Brian, we appreciate the time and effort you put in to these videos and webinars. I try to predict the steps that you are going to do next (almost always get it wrong!) and when you come across a live issue, I put myself in your shoes to see how I would resolve the problem. All good training for us :smile:


Brian, you did an awesome job. I know you were frustrated, but honestly I would rather see something like this than a scripted demo. What you did this morning is what we all face, we all have issues and have to work through them. That’s life. You having to troubleshoot made us all pay attention and feel engaged. I appreciate the skills you showed of having to correct issues because that helps me in where I need to look when I have some of those same issues. Again, awesome job. This is stuff you can’t get in documentation.


Unfortuntely, I had to leave after an hour and a quarter. I greatly appreciated your input and I can only repeat wat others have already said. Thank you.

Yes split them up. It will be easier on you and us newbies as well. We can take our time. No problem.

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