Webinar 2

Webinar 2 now uploaded to YouTube

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to GIT
  • Introduction to basic bootstrap
  • Creating database records
  • Listing Table Records
  • Updating database records
  • Deleting database records
  • Searching database records
  • Linking child forms to a parent list
  • Server Action Result Notifications, Success or Error
  • Using “Click” Dynamic Actions
  • Using Dynamic Modals
  • Techniques to hide/show a containers and buttons
  • Using button ‘spinners’’
  • Disabling or hiding buttons during submission



Dang, I missed it! Yesterday was a holiday in Canada so my brain was thinking today is Monday.

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Don’t know about everyone else but I enjoyed doing it


I’ll be watching as soon as I get a chance that’s for sure. Thanks for doing it.

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I enjoyed it as well Brian.

Thanks Brian. I’ve got my coffee in hand and going to watch now. I can’t join the live feeds because they start at midnight for me down here and the last time I tried, it screwed me up for the rest of the day. Couldn’t get any work done. Apparently, I need my beauty sleep - lots of it, I’m told. :slight_smile: So thanks for putting these online for the antipodeans.

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You are very kind Ben although i doubt i truth you leaned anything new but thanks anyway

It’s not always about learning something new. I find it useful to see someone else work in the same tools I do to fine tune or even validate my own workflows.


I agree @brad, although I watch these from a slightly different angle. I try to predict what is about to happen, and in my head I am two or three steps ahead. THEN usually I go “Oh shit, forgot about that step!” and everything goes to pot. Good job @Hyperbytes is there to teach me all over again :smile:

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Hi Brian. At the beginning of the webinar you showed us you had a new Git icon in the toolbar. I don’t have that. Is that because you have to have a Git account first?

Hi @cy2,

You need to enable experimental features in your Wappler settings.


OK. Thanks @brad.

Edit: Yep. There she is.

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Another very helpful video - thank you, Brian

@Hyperbytes, thank you so much for another great video! I am so glad you touched on the topic of models because while the documentation is great, seeing it in action is awesome !

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@Hyperbytes I watched it live, watching the Youtube feed again today. Very helpful and an enjoyable watch. Appreciate your time spent doing it Brian.

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@Hyperbytes thank you so much for these videos apologies I couldn’t make it live. This has been such fantastic help I feel a though I am beginning to understand the wappler way and I am not getting excited!

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Thank you for your video @Hyperbytes it was very helpful.
But I have one fundamental question: it is possible to create real time (web-socket based) application in Wappler? Following your tutorial after new record is created - all other web-site users need to refresh their pages in order to this new record. It’s possible so that all users who looks in to table would see new records/updates/changes right away without need of web-page refresh?
Why I’m asking is that I’m trying to re-create CRM systems which is already functioning on other “no-code platform” and they have real time update “out-of-the-box” right away.

Hello @Petrucho
Web sockets are not currently supported in Wappler.

I am currently working on something at the moment which implements real time record locking and page refreshing using the scheduler.
Not 100% real time but developer can set the refresh rate dependent on other web traffic, the more bandwidth spare, the shorter the refresh cycle. I am using 30 seconds at the moment so locks are checked every 30 seconds and pages refreshed accordingly.
Hope to have it finished in the next week to fortnight (busy with other stuff at moment)

Once completed I will either do a video or a webinar on it