Wapplers speed concerns me.... VIDEO attached :(


I think it’s under the influence of a banned substance…


Sorry about the click-bait title but it gets more attention… Humans eh!


ForWappler.mp4 (6.8 MB)


Just to add. This example is via a VPN and terribly poor Portuguese internet connection. We are seeing the same performance with 1000’s of records not just several (low count in this example). Hats off to the Wappler team! And of course a huge thanks for endless free advice and debugging of server logs to trace and rectify any issues we were experiencing (other software vendors would never provide such faultless and friendly support).



I was just thinking what you are showing off Dave - the cool cars or the site made in Wappler :smile:

Took me a while to grasp your showcase :slight_smile: specially due to the mistic description :slight_smile:


Hahaha nice cars! Unfortunately they are just examples. Can thank Wappler/DMX for those pretty pictures. Uploaded, resized to 4 different sizes, renamed, and deployed to custom folders (all done in Wappler of course, all done at record creation/insert), as is the pagination (of course, although I will adjust the style there), as is the Bootstrap styling, all Wappler. All Bootstrap files are includes, as are the header and footer (all Wappler). In-fact short of the custom image rollovers everything is achieved in Wappler. Just wanted to display rendering of data, and usually a negative type title has more impact, people are drawn to the worst scenario first.



Thanks Dave :slight_smile: cool showcase! Shows indeed the great power of Wappler and its extensions!

Could you upload it somewhere live, and maybe post a bit more detailed description with it in the showcase category? So we can all link to it :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a quick public space - just zip it and send it to me, I will add upload it to: https://showcase.wappler.io/


Of course my pleasure, thanks George. I just have a few things to tidy up and complete and will go through it page by page over a video or two. The site is set for deployment on or around the 9th of February. So will put some videos together over the next week or so. I mentioned your support above I just have to say Patricks ability to debug is astounding! We had an issue server side and through all the mess of server log entries he picked out the problem within ten minutes and had us on our way in fifteen. Within twenty we had converted all the old DMX Actions over to Wappler for this project and went ahead and deployed them. Logged in run through the site and uploaded this video. We have been clients of DMX for a while now and used our fair share of extensions, had our issues (RTFM scenarios lol). So we know what to expect when you guys put out an extension. Well thought out, considered, focused, simple, and above all affordable. But Wappler, another ballpark! It’s progression, relentless ethics, push to improve, provide, and assist, well… Another level! When it all comes together as it did yesterday for us… Speechless! It is simply a magnificent piece of work and credit where credit is due. Amazing effort indeed! All this and Wappler is still a young baby! Great parents!