Wappler won't load

Hi, I can’t get Wappler to load. When I open Wappler, it continually flashes on and off and that’s as far as it goes. I’m on Windows 10.

It was working fine till I changed some file names in Windows Explorer (usually easier to change them there). Normally, Wappler just refreshes and all is good but this time it froze.

I closed down Wappler, rebooted, uninstalled/reinstalled Wappler, uninstalled Docker (in case there was a snag there) rebooting each time but nothing works. I tried opening a different web with Wappler to see the last web was the problem but still the same.

I found info here that suggested the etension.json file (AppData) was the problem for some so I removed that but that didn’t help either. I deleted some cached files from the web I was last using (in AppData) but still the same problem. Should I delete other stuff in the ApData\Wappler folder or any other suggestions? Thanks.

Try to reinstall Wappler completely as described in:

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Thanks George, but that didn’t work. FTR: I closed Wappler (including in the system tray), uninstalled it, deleted the Wappler folder in the AppData\local folder, rebooted, reinstalled Wappler and it’s still flashing on and off. I might leave it for tonight – it’s getting late here – and try again tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help.

Hmm maybe something is wrong your system

Please restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and attach the debug log. See:

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Thanks George,
It could be a system problem but it’s strange it’s only effecting Wappler?

Anyway, I restarted Wappler with logging, reproduced the problem by trying to open Wappler, zipped the chrome_debug file and added an mp4 to show you what I’m seeing. Hope this helps.

PS: the link down the bottom of the 'How to report bugs with the Wappler debug log" page is broken. It should go to ‘Wappler General Bugs’ category but doesn’t exist so I’ve posted the bug log and mp4 here.
chrome_debug.zip (3.0 KB) https://community.wappler.io/uploads/default/original/3X/3/2/32a59b4db68d365467e65ade1f2ee7979edba132.mp4

Oh boy you are having some major GPU (video card) problems

What kind of video card do you have and can you update its drivers to the latest?

Could you run Chrome without any problems?

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Oh!!! That’s good to know. I had video card problems after the last Microsoft update about a month ago but I thought it was fixed. I was thrown off because the problem only happens with Wappler - all other apps, youtube, video, chrome etc are all working fine.

I have a nVidia Quadro K4000 3GB (just over 5 years old). I’ve tried updating the driver but it says I’m using the latest one. I removed the card and reinserted it because I thought it might reset but it didn’t do anything. I think I may need a new video card.

Anyway, it’s not a Wappler problem so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for your help, George. Much appreciated. At least I know what to focus on. :clap:

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FTR: It seems to be fixed :smiley:

I should have checked the driver again AFTER I removed and replaced the video card (not just before). Removing the card did reset something and when I checked the driver again, it downloaded a new one.

All is at peace with the world once again. :dove: