Wappler Weekly Challenge #1


Let me show you a little secret :slight_smile:



@George has some insider information here on what this cryptic option enables! Curiouser and curiouser!

@psweb - is it difficult to rebind the departure airport if I select another airport from the map (select airport to see details as is, then option - select this airport which rebinds and recalculates things)???

I know it’s just a demo, but… go on, I know you like the challenge… :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, this is some impressive showcase work to demonstrate how easy API integration can be. What power empowered to wappler to allow this :+1: I’m completely humbled to have an API that helps this type of thing!


Well it is nothing magical actually just the HTML5 Geolocation API that we use in our App Connect Geolocation component.

See for more info:


and btw if you also enable the tracking property you will have a realtime moving tracking of where you go with your phone. Useful for Maps Navigation tracking.


You are correct @geoplugin and yes I will be fixing that and building on that demo a little more to try make things work a little more smoothly. Will let you guys all know once that is perfected.