Wappler Shortcut Keys

If you copy the list from the webpage, it will copied as tab-separated text - eg you could paste it into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document etc.

Edit: since the new code editor was added, there are many additional shortcuts for code view. Right-click and choose command pallette to see the list - or Ctrl+Shift+P (or Mac equivalent).

will try excel all one line in Word

Is there an undocumented shortcut out there to “open in browser”?

Yes F12 :smile:


It’s not possible to add a “@” in the preferences for Macs as option-g is not supported.

I am wanting the same thing @vdweyer. In dreamweaver you used to be able to click down below (step 1) and then it would select all of the element involved. Very Handy. @George @patrick

You can already click on the tag bar below in Wappler @baub :slight_smile: and then the element will be selected

right, but it doesn’t select everything within that tag. When I click on the tag bar, I am wanting to select the entire element so that I can copy it. When you click on it now it just shows you where the element starts and stops. You still have to manually mouse over the whole element to copy it.

With long sections of code, I usually collapse the section and copy the collapsed line. However, what you suggest would certainly be a really useful feature - either by clicking on the tag bar or via the App Connect panel somehow.


Its a throw back to how Dreamweaver used to do it. Very useful.


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