Wappler on Mac Mini with Apple Silicon M1 - Day 1

And there you go another Christmas present - the first Docker Desktop public preview for Apple Silicon M1:

It runs perfect on the M1 and you have all the docker functionality!
Works perfect together with Wappler!

All docker configurations works just fine, so you can choose to run node, PHP, MariaDB/Postgres and even the new Redis integration that we have! All nicely in Docker for M1

Just if you need MySQL locally - choose MariaDB, as MySql is running behind …

We even compiled the latest PHP/Apache images to be fully available in the native ARM technology!
MariaDB and Postgres are already available. So it runs all natively!


I don’t know what all that means but it sounds like good news! :beers:

Any Bluetooth issues. There have been some reports on YouTube about random drops with Bluetooth keyboards.

I’m looking to replace my late 2014 iMac 27" with a Mac Mini M1 and a 27" 5K LG monitor. Is that a smart move or should I go for another iMac? The price won’t be very different but I’m thinking the performance might be better and it will also enable cheaper upgrades in the future as the I won’t need to replace the monitor every time.


Yes and then when you buy a MacBook Pro with M1 you can plug that into the LG too :wink:


NWJS still delaying this?

Unfortunately yes, still waiting :frowning:

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And the official Docker Desktop for M1 is now released:


Damn, you can even run Windows 10 for Arm on Apple Silicon M1! Got to try this :slight_smile:


And the performance is miles better than MS’s own Surface X which runs W10 on Arm natively as per earlier reports.

5 months! Plus all the time that they had since M1 was announced. Nearly 1 year in total.

Are you guys reconsidering Electron?

I still think it’s better supported.

And Electron that is!

We have been working around the clock on a conversion from NWJS to Electron and the results are astonishing! So smooth and so fast!

Another great feature to add for Wappler 4 :slight_smile:

We will be starting a beta soon, so you can all test it well before the final.


Great to hear! Thanks guys. This was truly unexpected. Indirectly you made Tim Cook a bit “moar richer”

I’m guessing M1 performance is like night and day, but have you noticed performance increases in non M1? Or are they more or less the same?

Yes also on other cpus everything is much snappier and Wappler uses much less memory.

Everything feels super light and fast. I would say definitely 30+% faster and also same % for less memory. Might be also bececause it is newer chrome engine but still :slight_smile:

We have also much better windows control and can go now for much further OS integration.

Native notifications, native devtools with device emulation, Mac App Store distribution and even we could add touchbar integration, shame that Apple will be removing it :slight_smile:


I wish I could add 100 likes! Great news!

Here’s a question, are you using a Wappler desktop project to build Wappler Electron?


Wappler now offers native Apple Silicon M1 support, so you can try it with v4 beta 1:


Congrats on the migration and release guys!


Already downloaded and running! :+1:

Please report the issues you find in separate topics :slight_smile: