Wappler needs to be rewritten in TypeScript

all of it went over my head! my knowledge is so tiny.

yeah, and that is a fairly large use case!

maybe Wappler is not a good fit for your use case yet! good that you are pushing the boundaries!

some internet history right there. The good thing about it is that Wappler uses around 80MB RAM on my apple sillicon so I was wondering how they got it that low with Electron… now I see

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And you are running it on top of Rosetta 2. Hopefully we get to try native one day.
Care to send your laptop over? :smiley:

it’s pretty nice I have to say. Even better than this Discourse Safari tab, take a look at this

for a full SaaS made with Wappler, I’d send you a sillicon apple what do you say? :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to burst your ram bubble :stuck_out_tongue:
You are just seing the runner.

Check nwjs processes.

@JonL no more bubbles for me this week

That’s more like it :smiley:

Ok. Let’s blame all the bugs on nwjs

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Wappler icon next year?

Well I’m not so sure about that any more. NWJS is doing actually pretty good and we are very satisfied with it. We also started to compile our js code to native with NWJS recently :slight_smile: - that is not really possible with Electron.

Also Electron is hitting some road blocks and many users are coming to NWJS

@izzy as for your initial topic subject about TypeScript - we thought of that some time ago, and have some parts in TypeScript - but it only delays our production speeds without real gains - and eventually produces messy js code. So we rather stick to full blown ES6 native code.

As for automated testing that is a whole different story, separate from TypeScript. Most of Wappler is its UI which is kind of difficult to test automatically, but we hope some day to be able to run Cypress on it.

The rest of the used frameworks like Server Connect and App Connect has their own testing procedures of unit, rest API super tests, browser tests and more, that we are expanding continuously to be able to produce more and more future proof code.

We hope also to integrate more testing tools soon in Wappler soon, so that you can also produce high quality solutions with it. Some users like Jon already use Cypress for that.

So just to say - we are on top of every development :slight_smile:


I completely missed that EPIC on the roadmap. Very happy to see that.
Now they only need a Mac Mini M1. I guess it’s unfortunate and fortunate at the same time that they don’t have big names backing up the project like Electron has.

Thanks @George - it’s great to see you guys being so responsive.

(maybe I need a rant channel to vent out wappler frustrations?)

So far so good. Still need to make some additional changes and consider just using the frontend sdk instead of going through Server Connect. The difference is barely noticeable for human eye though. 50ms on the frontend and 100 ms of overhead when going through SC. Still snappy.

@izzy hope you don’t mind I take the thread for a detour.


@JonL why is there be a 50ms difference going through SC? their JS SDK is doing the same API calls you’d be making

I haven’t digged deeply but I’m guessing it’s due to the overhead added by Express and SC framework. And the networking of course. From my browser to where the app is hosted and from the app to MeiliSearch instance I have in a different host.