Wappler Extension OPC-UA

Hi Guys,

I have created an OPC-UA reader/writer module for wappler, can someone use it?

Git URL:


br Sascha



is it possible to make a dropdown for type with fix data ?


in Variables i want a dropDown with Fixed Strings

‘string’, ‘boolean’ etc ?

what is the name of this type?

thx Sascha


i found the information

Hi @sw11 ,

In fact, this will be very useful in industrial-purpose structures such as scada, thank you. ( we are currently developing a few things for scada and IoT devices ) . But not only this, it will be very nice to take data from multiple data sources like graphql and combine these data into a single api-end point. Wappler allowed parallel and group operations in version 4.9.0, but this doesn’t seem to work when a lot of data is returned, like scada or IoT devices. Because when we make a query to the API resource, all the results we need and not return and create a huge load. So the current wappler structure is not fully sufficient to use in IOT projects. (I’m really sorry to say this, I hope they allow to create a structure like graphql)

I made the extension for us and thought maybe someone from the community could use it.

nobody is forced to use them :grin:

Nice that you want to take this into account in wappler in the future, until then I will use this extension.

we have been developing software for industry since 2009, since we have been using wappler it has made things a lot easier.

thanks for that

Many jobs are easy, of course. We no longer do any development without wappler. However, what I want to say is that the wappler server api action now works as classic API request and API response. In other words, you are now receiving the answers you receive from your IoT devices as all JSON formats. What I want to say right here is that seeing only the fields that are required at that moment in json, as in graphql, means much less data load.

Maybe you can post a new topic about this? With more detailed explanation and case.

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I have been trying to get some answers from you other places while using your extention, but no luck so far :slight_smile:. Please forgive my knowledge but it looks like i’m making some progres, and I do have some questions.

1.Can I create an array in that nodeid to use only one OPC-Ua Client Reader to rturn multiple data point values? if yes, how?

  1. What did you use in that dynamic endpontURl and nodeId that’s returning an array of values?
    I know I can add multiple OPC-Ua Client Reader under one API action and I’ll get what I want, but is that ok when you’re dealing with roughly 700 data points?
    any help is appreciated.
    best regards,