Wappler don't see nodejs

hi, i have installed latest version of wappler, and latest version of nodejs,
after install nodejs, i reopen wappler, but wappler cannot find nodejs, from nodejs i installed cordova, all ok

Wappler Version : 3.0 rc4
Operating System : windows 8.1

You need to fully restart Wappler after NodeJS installation. Make sure you right click on the small icon in the taskbar - next to the clock and then choose restart Wappler.

Also it is advisable to stay on NodeJS 12 LTS version, as it is the most stable one and Node 14 is not fully supported by all packages.

all ok, by the way, in yours hint says that i need to download latest version :slight_smile:
thanks, best regards, i was need to close from tray to!

Well NodeJS 14 should be fine also - but some node modules might need to compile themselves.

There is an option in the NodeJS installer to install also compilation tools. So if you enable it then you should be all fine :slight_smile:

With NodeJS 12 there is no need to have compilers as most modules offer precompiled binaries available for download directly.