Wappler Documentation Reorganization

As we want to deliver the best documentation to all our Wappler users, we are looking constantly for the best ways to do so.

As you may know the software we use here for this community forum is called Discourse and it is the most powerful community system in the world - as you probably already discovered :slight_smile:

So reading many of the experience of the makers, we came to the conclusion that we should use actually the same forum system also for storing and making our documentation more accessible. This will also made it much more easier to modify and expand by our community members as well.

See some background information:

So what do you think? Should we make this move and centralize all documentation here in this forum? Under special docs category with sub categories of course?

Or do you have other ideas?

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Seems a good idea to me, we could perhaps add a thread for each feature then admins could add documentation and user created content to the thread as appropriate.

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I believe it’d be very useful to display the main documentation and all related discussions beneath it, that way, a member could dig into more scenarios of the main subject.

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