Wappler app stuck in "infinite loop"

Hello dear wappler superstars !

I’m using the latest 3.5.5. on windows 10.
Project is using php.

New stuff I’ve been playing with over the week-end :

  • datastore
  • flow

Not sure if it’s related to those two.
I can still restore an older version of the page I’m working on to confirm/pinpoint the issue.

How it happens :
I would use the editor to build my page (app connect).
Then at some point, I need to edit the code manually.
Then, it’s like the wappler parser in the background gets thrown into an infinite loop, seems to happen when it runs into a kind of syntax error…
I can’t save the page then.
I have to shutdown the wappler process through task manager.

Sometimes, I even have to open the page in a text editor, make my edits.
Then open Wappler again and save the project to sync my target… as making the same copy/paste edit with a “fresh” wappler throws the app into infinite loop too.

So it’s like I can get stuck every few minutes and then when I’m not sure about the proper syntax for a manual edit. Very frustrating.

I was wondering if I was the only one getting stuck in a kind of infinite loop with the latest version while working on a wappler project (app connect side).
If no one else is affected by this, I’ll spend some more time troubleshooting (which I don’t have right now sadly).

Have a great week-end :slight_smile:

P.S. Screencast of the issue I’m running into : http://somup.com/cYX3XTILMt

Could you pin point the expression causing this? It might be that you have an infinite loop in the expressions refreshing each other.

That is why is beter not to edit too much by hand because you can easily mix up expressions.

So try to find the wrong expression by removing the most and adding one by one till you find it

I have experienced the same issue when there is a problem with the code, it repeatedly generates errors and Wappler keeps consuming memory and processing as the error messages are produced making it eventually freeze. I have to close down Wappler using task manager.

To clarify I have only seen this as an issue when using the code view, usually cut and paste errors or sometimes when I have taken code from other projects. I have also seen this in previous versions but thought it was something to do with my setup, I think it has been since the Chrome engine update but not 100% sure.

I will see if I can replicate and post more info

is this happening only in Wappler design view? How about in the browser?
If there are some troubles with App Connect - you should see the same issues in the browser as well.