Wappler 5 based video training course

It been a long time in the planning, delays due to Wappler 5 release but finally I have started my new series.
This course is aimed at those new to Wappler and/ or Web Development.
It requires little previous knowledge although a very basic knowledge of Bootstrap/ CSS/Databases will be useful.
The plan is to provide a course which users can follow during the 14 trial period to really get to know Wappler and appreciate what an amazing tool it is
This course is cover the development of a community portal web app from first install of Wappler to final product.
I will be adding new modules regularly,. hopefully daily so keep checking back.
Videos have subtitles for those who struggle with my accent which are initially auto-generated however I will manually edit them when i can. YouTube really struggles with the word “Wappler”!
So here is the playlist:

A full module index can be found in this post


Thank You for helping make Wappler so much more approachable

Having learned so much from your prior videos and posts, I know it is not premature to express my thanks in advance. It is an understatement to say this kind of material is trying to put together, and your dedication to the cause is inspiring (and extremely helpful)!


Thank you very much. It’s a very helpful

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This is awesome, thank you for taking time to do this.

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Anyone else getting F-14 vibes during the first 5 seconds of each video.

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Pre boredom adrenalin shot!


Hi @Hyperbytes thanks for your videos.

I’m following along and currently on the video to finalize the registration form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywGdwbNi2wk&list=PLUjqTJN3byC9W9UFjsV9f9vefe_ZSFQfb&index=9

When selecting “Form: register1” in App Structure menu, and then selecting “Dynamic Events” and opening the “Actions Editor”, my Available Actions menu is empty:

Make sure that the App Connect framework is included in your page.

Thanks for your response. I believe it’s added:

Check if its added on the main page and make sure to save the main page as well.

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@Teodor thanks! That fixed it!

I assume this is related to some parent/child level inheritance causing this issue? Thanks again!!

Thanks Teodor, perhaps worth a mention in one of the early videos, still got a few ideas to “insert” into the early stages of the course so will discuss the layout/ content header relationship so it is clarified. I notice that the layout page seems to “autosave” now so thought it unnecessary but always worth clarifying

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Thank you sir, your time and effort is really appreciated.

Aside from the excellent videos Brian, it’s nice to hear your friendly voice again :slight_smile:


Had some feedback regarding video quality. Older videos are 1080p, from now on I am going to upload at 4K however I am sure many know that this is not necessarily the best resolution for your monitor.
If the video is blurred, try changing the resolution within the YouTube settings

This can often clear up the video clarity


Hey Brian, i find the 1080p and 1440p videos more than enough to be followed by the viewers. 4k means more processing time, more export time etc. not sure if that’s worth it.


Yes, processing time is massively increased as is processor load which is actually an issue as I am often recording the next video while rendering the previous one
I see my software supports 2560 x 1440 (2k), maybe a good compromise and matches my screen resolution.
My 7 year old i7 system is starting to feel the strain! I really should think about upgrading but this system has been such a faithful workhorse, bit like the proverbial comfortable slippers :grinning:


I think the issue is possibly down to some people not knowing they can upscale the video as per your suggestion. I edit on a 28" monitor and watch your videos on a 15" laptop monitor - watching on either screen is totally fine.

As @Teodor says, I dont think theres much to gain by spending the extra time doing the upscale.


I finished the videos that you have posted thus far @Hyperbytes and now I want more! Excellent work on these so far. I especially liked the SEO section as this seems like a powerful way to create SEO across a multipage site. Looking forward to the forgot password functionality. also cannot wait for more videos! Thank you sir!