VPS Cloud with another Provider

I have some sites in Hetzner, configured with VPS Cloud, Ubuntu / Nodejs.
Which are rags created with Wappler and Docker
Now also with the Aruba.it provider (Aruba Business) is possible the same service with costs and similar characteristics. I would therefore like to test new VPS Cloud projects on this provider, but when in the Project Setting I have to enter the provider I only have the possibility to choose from those proposed by Wappler
Do I have the chance to overcome this obstacle?
Thank you

anyone to any ideas?

Unfortunately we support only the docker providers listed in Wappler.

We can’t support every possible provider in the world so we choose the bedt known and reliable.

They also have to have a good docker machine driver that we use.

I thought it was so, but it is not possible to manually modify the files to try if it works? Also because in Italy Aruba.it is widely used

No sorry it is not possible.

OK thanks anyway

You can always add a feature request to add Aruba Cloud provider in Wappler. If many people vote to it - we will add it.

@George As a general question, if I use any VPS provider that is not listed, what is the expected flow of deployment? I can use docker for local but how to deploy as a docker in the VPS?

@sid this way is good for you?

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You can use docker engine.

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Thanks @BiBo. Have voted for your FR. Hope to see this automated soon.
I use CapRover to help me with this partly.
But the link @JonL has shared is the way to go for now.