Video tutorials

Hi Guys,

I am sure you are very busy launching this beauty but do you have a range on how to start to create a notmal site from scratch?

A main tile on the site menu “video tutorials” would save us time.
I represent a school here in england and i wonder if there is a way to use the whole thing for a trial period. Before we buy for the kids.

kindest regards

Vitor Fernandes-Neto

Please check the documentation section of our website: make sure to check the getting started section first.
We’re updating the docs weekly, so new tutorials are constantly being added.

hi teo

I did check but there are no videos.
I would like my pupils to watch the videos and start building. Reading the tutorials will take to long in a classroom.

thanks for your help.


Hi teo

Are there any videos there? I did go through it but could not see them!!

I would like my kids to have a look at them and start building, the reading will take far to long in a lesson.


Hi Vitor,

Thank you for your interest in Wappler and its place in classroom and schools. Many colleges are indeed starting to look at Wappler as a good way to teach web design as they are exploring new ways to replace their existing courses (usually Dreamweaver based) with new ones.

As Wappler is really new there is a lot of learning materials to be produced. As Teo indicated we have the documentation up and running and more is coming on a daily base.

We are also working together with various learning institutes to produce high quality Wappler courses, so expect to see those also after the summer break.

Of course if your want to speed up the process you can always start with your own custom courses. We really encourage this and that is why we have a very attractive educational pricing as well.


There are some user made video tutorials that we try do in our own spare time.
Hyperbytes has
I have

One day very very soon when I have some time I will complete what i started as well as create a whole bunch of new stuff. The one issue is that Wappler develops at such a speed that the videos will become obsolete at quite a rate. But I am happy with the higher development rate even if video needs to be created constantly.