Using External Libraries in Wappler


I’m new to Wappler, and in the process of exploring the framework.

If I discover some lack of functionality, or if I just prefer using another external library - such as a preference for another emoji picker, is it possible to use that within Wappler? How would I import an external library in Wappler?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community.

Assuming you are talking about client side libraries, there are two ways to do this.

  1. Use the JS/CSS includes of the library on the page, and write your custom JS code to initialize the library. You can call the initialization function on some event or via page-flow that is on autorun.
  • You might have to write more JS functions to use the library with Wappler’s components.
  • You cannot use libraries like they are used with React, so make sure to check the documentation of the library you want to use.
  1. Write your own custom component. With this, using the library is still the same - by including JS/CSS files, but the UX is better as you can use Wappler UI rather than JS functions to use the library.

For server side libraries, you can create server side components/extensions.

There will be a learning curve for all the options listed above… as is with using Wappler in general. But it will all be worth it.