Using an HTML editor with Wappler

But which one do I take?

Remove the second one Marzio.

I have noticed now that the double jquery is on the working page and removing the second continues to work
While in the non-working page code there is only one jquery

I need a link to your page, where I can check that.
The question is - why not using the Medium editor to format the text? It’s two clicks away and you won’t have to mess with code.

For this site I need the possibility to change the color of text (2.3 KB)

What I meant was to send me a link to your live site, where I can check this.

OK but I have to look for the password because it is in a protected area
wait please

Make sure to send it to me as a personal message if it includes login credentials :slight_smile:

I’ve just noticed that the name of the data source you’re using is remarkably similar to mine - the one I included in my code example. Only the field name is different. This is one of your screenshots:

It looks as if you didn’t bind the field using the UI:

I think you have to use code view, but click on the text area and choose the dynamic attribute.

It was true I had not paid attention, but this only involved the incorrect connection with the database field.
Instead I found where compatibility occurs
On the page I have a php inclusion for the menu. As soon as I have eliminated the includes everything works wonders
Now I have to find out how to insert the menu on the page

Problem solved
Summernote was not working properly because with the inclusion of a menu
I solved by deleting all the head in the menu file

Hey Marzio,
Indeed the includes should only contain HTML code, no head/body tags. Just as explained in our docs: Server Side Includes (SSI)

Ok I should have time to read everything
As for Summernote, solve the problems, it works very well inside Wappler, but I did not understand where the images that are loaded in the editor are saved
I know that Wappler has nothing to do with it, but does anyone know anything about it?
Thank you

Probably this is explained in their docs?

Probably, but if anyone already knows something, it could be interesting for all users of Wappler, since the medium editor is not complete

I don’t think images are saved anywhere - they’re converted to Base 64, so will be saved in the database, which is not ideal. I haven’t used this part of Summernote; there may be some alternative solutions available.

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Hi @TomD. About that, what type of database do you suggest to be used in this case?

Hi @transcoderm. I’m not quite sure what you mean. I wouldn’t use a database at all to store images - they would just exist as files.

I might store the filenames in a database, but not necessarily (eg if the filename can be deduced from the ID number).

I mean what type of database should I use when using Summernote (if what you said is true that Summernote stores images as database instead of file). Should it be varchar (how big) or text?

You would have to experiment to find out the largest size your images might be (having been converted to Base64), then decide on the most appropriate column type. There are lots of places to find this information, eg this discussion.