User-friendly Documentation on Bubble Versus Wappler Software

I am a current Bubble user (with virtually no coding experience) and checking out Wappler today. I just downloaded the software to see if I should buy during the Black-Friday sales. One of the first things I noticed, which Bubble has that Wappler does not have is the ability to click “see reference” or “see documentation” on any text or option you hover on while using bubble. It is one of the things that makes learning Bubble really fast. When you click on the reference link, it takes you to the exact location on the doc, which provides more information.

Almost every feature or anything clickable on the platform is well-documented. This is the way to go if you want to attract a lot of non-coders to Wappler, in addition to the developers you already have. Correct me please if something like this already exists that I do not know of.
When I hovered on something like “State Management” in Wappler, there should be something/link to click to give me more info on what it means and how to use it. If this is not existing already, consider including this feature anytime soon.

Almost all my questions regarding what Wappler can do has been answered. The only thing I am still curious about is the ability to “set state” of elements on the front end, and make it of any data type we want, like we do in bubble, without having to run or use any database query. I tend to use this functionality a lot in the few applications I have developed. That was the first thing I was looking to see If I could do when I downloaded the software. If someone (may be a former bubbler here) knows how to do this, please kindly help.

It looks like it may take few months to learn Wappler BUT the biggest advantage I see here is ability to host my code/app anywhere I like. And paying Wappler only for the time/month I need to use the software without having to shut down my website because wappler decides to increase monthly fees. This is indedd a great advantage and provides enough fuel to give it what it takes to learn Wappler.

However, whatever Wappler does to make it easy to learn for people without coding experience will be a big win for the business. Thank you very much!

Just in case you haven’t found it, the main tutorial resources are here



Take a look at variables and arrays which can be set on the front end. You can store results from searches, or just set static values.


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