User Definable Bootstrap Paths

Please can we have back the ability to define the location of Bootstrap. Discussed in a recent Thread it is an issue when working with files built outside of Wappler with a custom path to Bootstrap. If I am not wrong we could do this with the older DMX Zone Bootstrap Extension? In Wappler if the path is outside of the defaults Bootstrap layouts are not able to be selected in the App Panel… Quite annoying.

Please consider. Thank you!


Bumping this as would like to use a custom path to Bootstrap but Wappler keeps overwriting it upon save. Is there any way around this yet?

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@Dave I was having the same issue with a template. In the end the author included bootstrap and template styling in one css file. I removed Bootstrap from the Framework selector and then just made sure I manually included a link to the Bootstrap JS file before the end of the the body tag. Works fine for me.

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The problem is in some circumstances we have predefined paths created by the Client with customisation (lots of hard work) that are already in position being used across various domains. These are not recognised and structures for the design do not appear. If it were our own design we would work around it for now but in this case as I mentioned it’s predefined by the Client which is causing issues within Wappler…

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Please let us have our own themes, based on bootstrap 4


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I would certainly vote for this - having had custom themes automatically overwritten and uploaded with the last two Bootstrap updates. Unfortunately I’ve run out of votes (I don’t know why they’re limited).


This is very simple to do, just do not generate the assets automatically when you click there

I don’t understand why people don’t vote

Have a look at

Would suggest merging with this request - User Definable Bootstrap Paths


Merged :slight_smile:


this is very useful when we want to use embargoed bootstrap as in this case

Thanks for your vote Teodor :heart_eyes:

I would have thought your excellent tutorial emphasises the need for Wappler to allow for custom Bootstrap themes. Of course you can replace bootstrap.min.css with your custom version, but Wappler will replace it automatically if a new version of Wappler includes a Bootstrap update.

Given there’s little control over this process, it can easily cause catastrophic results. Until I create new custom versions, I’ve made my Bootstrap css files read-only. I think it’s the only way to prevent Wappler from overwriting them.

I’ve set all Projects to Local only and now FTP everything else manually.

I’m not sure if merging these topics was useful - the issues are related, but different. It could be that we can choose the Bootstrap path, but Wappler will still overwrite custom css files.

That’s what I did the first time this happened (when my css files were wiped out). It may be the best option until we get more control over updates and what files are uploaded.

That’s now available in Wappler 3.1


Thank you so much @George @Teodor @patrick

Really really appreciate having this ability!