Urgent help needed for resources

The above is what i am working on. I have challenges in so many areas.

  1. The css changes made on the design panel do not work on the broswer after i save my app. I am not certain i know how to apply design panel changes to the app.

  2. Issues working on a live server. Like working with a web server (cpanel) etc. Kindly point me to a resource.

  3. Sending email after sign up. The sign up form works properly. Need it to send email after sign up. Resource needed.

  4. Responsive css not working like i want. Eg i want the heading font on mobile to be h2 while on web h1… But when i select h2 on mobile, it applies on all screen sizes.

Thank you

You may be being too ambitious at this point. It would probably be more useful to get to grips with the basics first. Try creating a simple page and experiment with responsive features etc. Most of the points you mention are covered in the documentation and/or in forum posts. eg:

1 There is documentation covering the Design Panel.

2 This is a big topic with countless resources online and many related discussions on this forum. It wouldn’t be possible to direct you to a single resource which would be appropriate or useful.

3 You could check this article in the documentation.

4 It would be possible to do what you want re headings etc, but it’s not the way responsive features work. You could look at the Bootstrap documentation or study some examples - eg the templates which come with Wappler.

Thank you for your response.

However, I wouldn’t say i am being too ambitious. I currently work as a frontend dev and wordpress dev and also been working with bubble. I only recently heard about wappler and thought i should give it a try.

Now, i thought it would be easier as dreamweaver those days. And if i have to port from bubble to wappler for my startup, i have to be sure wappler can deliver my needs.

So forgive me if i seem too ambitious. @TomD

There is 3 things you can’t do natively in Wappler

  1. Have beautiful multi select drop downs
  2. Export to PDF
  3. Build a Database.

Anything else is possible. It just takes lots of time and patience.

One great resource tip. Completely read the the docs at getbootstrap.com (as well as Wappler.com docs)

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If I may refine that.

I think it just takes knowledge :slight_smile:
The time and the patience you need to acquire that knowledge are personal traits.

Wappler will provide smart cuts for us via UI and framework. The rest is learnable. That includes those 3 elements you mentioned and then some more. I am assuming those were the road-blocks you encountered at some point. I’ve seen others and I just took a detour but eventually I got where I needed to be. Full disclosure: I have a coding background.

On the other side, I agree with @TomD. Any framework has its learning curve.
I am guessing what Tom means is that @sleekidd is being too ambitious with the questions he asking. I would add besides ambitious, ambiguous.

Baby steps.

@sleekidd, whatever your app is you can build it using Wappler or Wappler and custom code. If you have a coding background as you mentioned you shouldn’t be worried at all by making the change. Additional disclosure: I made the change from Bubble too. As others Wapplers have.

Thank you for your reply.

You talk about knowledge and learning. I agree. But is that not the reason we have a community forum to ask questions and directions?

Would it make more sense if i spent two months on my own before trying to figure out things or coming here to ask for directions right away?

I only asked four questions that requires directions to the resource. I am not even saying “come and fix my app for me”. I will only acquire that knowledge and learning curve if you point me to resources that helps.

And lastly, if you say i am ambitious, well that’s fine. But is it not to the greater good of wappler if a wappler newbie was able to built a complete web app in one month?

Any way, i guess i am on my own here. Tank you all for your replies… @JonL @tesla

Hmm, you’re not on your own but I would suggest you post each question separately with as much info as possible and you will get assistance from the great people here.

Picking up on one of your points (4) - create the title twice, once as H1 and once as H2. Set the H1 to hide on mobile and H2 to hide on desktop.

Oh, and point 3 - there’s a great server action for setting up emails which should literally take a few minutes to have up and running.

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One more thing, except we are not being sincere, when we read resources and watch videos, i can bet there are times we still get stuck and go to Q/A or comment sections to ask further questions. Sometimes, the resources are never enough. We tend to want more personal answers.

Before i signed up with wappler, i had read the resources and watched videos on youtube. That is a different thing from actually getting your hands on the stuff…

I asked a question here two days ago and i was glad @Teodor was able to reply and shed light which enabled me to fix two different issues on my own. Now that is how community works…

The fact that people already took the time to answer you(even if it wasn’t what you expected) should show that you are not :slight_smile:

I would be able to help further if I understood your questions, which I clearly don’t because for me they are very broad. We like specific here. It helps us understand better and point you in the optimal direction.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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And with point 2, you can create targets where your project is deployed. Just create a target for your cPanel hosting, put in all the details and then set that as the active target. Then, every time you save it will FTP the changes to the server and you can instantly see the results.

It makes it very easy to have any number of local targets, live targets, staging targets, etc. and you just switch between them as needed. And a recent feature in Wappler means the database connection details are now stored per target making it even easier and more versatile.

And I suspect point 1 will be addressed once you have the target(s) working as they should.

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Great! I tried this. I figured this might be issues i need to contact the host company about.

I will try again and see if it works.

Thank you!

No problem. We run cPanel servers and also many other platforms and Wappler projects work with all of them.

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Thank you @JonL

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As @JonL suggested, your questions seemed very broad and general. Typically when people ask such questions, they don’t have the experience you have; in this case, I made a wrong assumption. However, I still think my four suggestions were valid and potentially helpful (which was obviously my intention).

You are quite correct, and there is evidence of this in people’s questions every day. You will also see exceptional support given in answersing these questions.


Thank you @TomD

I officially welcome myself to Wappler community! Looking forward to asking more questions :grinning:


That’s probably not the best way to do things anyway. Either use a media query or scale the text as shown in this post.

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  1. First make sure the .css file you just altered is saved, and has been updated on the server, I would open your cPanel file manager, then in Wappler make a design panel change, hit save, and refresh on the cPanel file manager to see if the files date changes accordingly.
    • If the file is not saved, then make sure your server target is set correctly, which multiple posts and documents here cover, including the official Setting up FTP Connection
    • If the file is saved, and still not reflecting your changes then try perform a hard refresh on the page which will reload all the cached resources.
    • If still not working it could be your ISP using their cache, in which case check tip 17 on this post Productivity Tips & Tricks
  2. This is a link to many official docs on server connections, if you still have issues after these then please give further detail and possibly screenshots and we will try to assist with getting your server working https://community.wappler.io/c/docs/project-manager/32
  3. Sending Form Data to Email, once again if you run into a specific use case where this does not work as expected, ask as a separate topic and we will try to assist.
  4. This is a pretty broad question and can have many possible answers such as
    • If you are talking about truly responsive, where the layout with the same set of components responds to the changes as made by the browser size, then all you require is to create a single h1 or h2 tag, whatever suits your needs, and to switch between the various device sizes in your Design View and make size adjustments per device target. This will not change between h1 or h2 but rather adjust the properties of whatever tag you placed to be bigger or smaller at the various browser size breakpoints.
    • Adaptive would work in a very similar way as above.
    • If you really want to alter from h1 to h2 for purely layout purposes then that is also possible directly in the UI by switching your Design View device sizes and showing or hiding various elements at different breakpoint sizes, this does however mean you will need multiple headings on your page, such as <h1>My Heading</h1> and <h2>My Heading</h2> and then selecting which one to display and at what target.
    • If, you really want to alter from an h1 to an h2 tag because of some other reason rather than for layout purposes, but more based on your SEO needs then that is also possible, however I would not use display properties as the search engine would then read both headings in the source code and find it non sensical, therefore you could use a Wappler browser component and a client side conditional area and base the result upon the browser width output, or use a ternary operator in Wappler data formatters to also watch the browser component, browser width attributes, in which case I would not set the entire heading as a duplicate but only change the number next to the <h#>...</h#> so it alters based upon your needs. More info could be found between multiple docs and posts here https://community.wappler.io/search?q=Ternary%20operation

I hope this helps somewhat.

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