Uploads with wappler what am I doing wrong?

I just can’t get this to save in my database or upload a file…

Sorry for the length… but I wanted you to see my process and correct my errors where necessary.

You have not bound the proper binding for the file name column. In the insert step, where you save file name click the dynamic data picker, under file field select “name”.

Agreed, although it looks a little confusing with the names being used, its almost like the 2 dynamic fields need to be swapped around i think.

Well, if you need to insert the name of the file you are uploading, then you must select the name binding under the file upload step - simple as that.

Ok…thanks… I just confused myself with the bindings…

on the form I just made sure that I named both the input and the file form attributes … unique names like form3name and form3selectedfile … so I knew which ones to select in the steps. because I have other pages that have forms in my app… that had the same names and id. so looks like wappler remembers this and they are available for use…

Lol, I watched your video 3 times and still could not figure out what binding went where, it was like they were exactly opposite of what was needed.

When I create my database column names i try and always avoid using common names like, name, email, etc. to avoid this type of issue in my head, so instead i would use something like my_name, my_email etc.

Well done, glad you got it working.

I don’t understand what do you mean with your last post … but let me explain again:
In the insert step, for the value which must be inserted in the file name column in the database click the dynamic data picker button and select name, under the file upload step. This is what returns the uploaded file name.

I got it working but wappler is pickey about going back and changing adding fields to an already working form… if I go back and make it a change to the form like adding another input field…

I get this error all time… then I have to start…over… The undo function in Wappler is non existent… or half works. You better know what you want before you start your page…because there is no room for mistakes. :anguished:

. Wappler works but is unusable because you can’t make changes easily… I wasted two weeks of mylife and I can’t even make changes to a working field. I think I will get on udemy and start sharpening my javascript skills. Bummer.

Please be a little more specific. “Wappler works but is unusable because you can’t make changes easily” tells us nothing.
What are you changing? How? What are you doing step by step?
Post a new topic for each issue you are having, explaining step by step what are you doing.

the undo does work fine with me.
when your page show like this go to the console (shift+ctrl+k firefox on windows)and see whats the error and fix it.

Still it is not clear what is wrong? If there are errors on the page, then you are doing something wrong.
If you have issues with undo - please post them in a separate topic with step-bystep explanation on how to reproduce it.

Do you do custom development?

I did not want to confuse the issue by barging in half way through tis discussion, but your problem lies with the binding of the database file field.

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyI3p4saS7k particularly at about 2’20"

I hope his helps.

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I agree with @ben on this one myself.