Updating Routes, SPA

Hi, very new to wappler, many years with dreamweaver. Gotta say i love it thus far. I’, working on a SPA. my dashboard has several routes on it, see the below image as an example. Each route has queries, forms ect, based on session variables.

What i want to know is it possible to:
a) Based on a success event of an form: Reload say, route 1 & 4.
b) Based on a button press, reload route 3 & 5
(just using numbers as examples)

I say reload specifically because the result on each route page is based on session variables, and does not update automatically, i would have to reload the page into the area in order to get it to adopt the new session variable and display properly.

Thanks in advance, any thoughts?

Hi Jeff,

I am not sure why you are using session variables for what you have described. But even if it is the case that you need session variables, this is all doable in Wappler

As a sidenote, I had been working with single page apps mainly because it implied a simple template system where the index file contained the layout. In the meantime Wappler has made it easy for us to use NodeJS with an inbuilt template system. For more, see

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