Update payment method

The card linked to my subscription failed to pay and I would like to upgrade to another card. By Wappler I enter the notification and try to update the card but I click on UPDATE and do not leave this option

With the latest Wappler we have build in Update Billing functionality.

Just click within Wappler on your profile icon (left bottom) and there you should see your account, subscription and also an Update Billing option, where you can enter new credit card.

Hello George.
That’s exactly what I’m doing, but clicking update does nothing. Only the Cancel button works. I’m using version 1.7.1

hmm seems we have a bug there, you should be able to see a enter credit card field in the last dialog…

Are you an a Mac maybe?

I’m a PC user. Windows 10

thanks seems a bug in the update procedure. We will be fixing it, but for now I will send you a personal message with direct web pay link

Hello, George.
I am trying to refresh my credit card data again but by clicking UPDATE nothing happens. You could generate a link for me to update the credit card to make the payment please

Yes sorry we still have to fix this. Will send you a link

Hi @George,
on 25th may I have to renew the subscription. Could you please send me the payment link so I can make the payment ?

Thank you


Ho Roberto,

I can only send payment links when a new payment is ready to be made.

But we are already hard working on a whole new system Wappler account management and payments that will be available on the wappler website. It will be up and running by that time so you will be able to manage your payment preferences fully yourself online.

We will even be adding support for IBAN Direct Debit and many other European payment options next to just creditcards


Hi George,

On the 23rd May, my subscription needs to renew and I need to change my card details. could you send me a link so that I can do this.


We already have the new Wappler Account Management online.

So you can adjust your payment methods here: