Typo issue on dmxBootstrap4Popovers.js

hello @patrick ,

If I’m not wrong (dmxBootstrap4Popovers.js) there is no comma in line 17 so I am seeing errors in consol. The problem was solved when I added a comma to this line in the original file.

dmx.Attribute('bs-popover', 'mounted', function (node, attr) {
  node.setAttribute('data-toggle', 'popover');
  this.$addBinding(attr.value, function (value) {
    if (value) {
      node.setAttribute('data-content', value);
$(function () {
    selector: '[dmx-bs-popover], [data-toggle="popover"]',
    title: function () {
      return this.getAttribute('popover-title') || '';
    content: function () {
      var expression = this.getAttribute('dmx-bs-popover') || '';
      return dmx.parse(expression) || this.getAttribute('data-content') || '';

a simple problem, but I reported it because I thought you might want to know.

You probably have an old version then, just checked and this was already fixed more then a year back.

but I am updated with updates every week. Is there any way to manually update all dmxAppConnect files?