Trigger tooltips/popovers on hover

The release notes for 3.0.2 mention ‘Trigger tooltips only on hover’. I didn’t realise there was a problem with tooltips. However, I don’t think the hover option has ever worked with popovers. Is this what the change should refer to? Having said that, I’ve just tried adding a popover to a new page and the hover option still doesn’t work. Perhaps the note referred to something else.

I replace dmxBootstrap4Popovers.js with a version used in one of the demos on the DMX site and it works fine - but it would good not to have to replace the default file any more if it were fixed.

If there is a problem with the popovers please post a bug report.
There was an issue with the tooltips not working on hover but hover and focus instead. This has been improved in the latest update.

I think the issue has been mentioned once or twice before - eg here - but it may have been one of those reports which was incorporated with the other issues when it’s cropped up.

Please post a bug report explaining the exact issue you are having with the popovers.