Transfer account emails within a corporation?


Howdy. I am a freelancer doing some work for a major corporation. Right now I am using my own computer and account to evaluate Wappler, both for the client and myself (I have so old ASP web sites that could really use a facelift).

If I decide that Wappler is the best tool for this project, I will recommend that they purchase it (probably a 1-year Pro plan: the company does not do month-to-month subscriptions). When they agree to the purchase, we will use my company email address (my supervisor will not want it tied to his account at this time).


  • After I leave this project at the end of June, will it be possible to change the email associated with the purchase? At that time it will either go to another developer, or possibly my Supervisor.
  • Can they pay by check or electronic transfer? Or do we need to put it on a credit card?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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Hi Mike,

It is best to take an educational license for yourself as freelancer (it is 50% off the normal license) and advise the company to get their own full license.

We currently accept credit cards only.


Thanks for the reply! I’ll be sure to tell them about the credit card.

What about the first question: Will it be possible to change the email address associated with the purchase after I leave the project?


Yes I can change the email address for you, send me a private message when you want the change.


Thank you very much. I’ll contact you some time in June or July when this issue comes up.

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