Too many Images stored.... ? Any Idea?

I only want

Thumbnail and Large edition thats all

Well, then enable the OVERWITE option for the large image save step :slight_smile: It will overwrite the image uploaded by the file upload …

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Okay, maybe I’ve overseen that. BTW: For File Handling, is it better to make a UNIQUE picture ID and store it on Server or leave it as original Upload like: DSC_942342.jpg etc ??? Whats your best practice?

BTW, both Overwrites are activated… hmmm… I just need to get rid of the “original filename” which is stored on server folder. Thumb + Large, works and also filenaming…

If you want to overwite the originally uploaded photo, use the same name and enable overwrite option in the save step. Rename just the thumb.


Ah good idea!