Tolltip bug

Hi everyone,
i have a little problem with tolltips.
I found that after clicking the button the tooltips remain visible in the page even if they only set the hover trigger.
The button calls an API and reloads a server connect.

Is the button getting disabled on click?

I had the same issue and in my case it was caused by this DMX Tooltip and Popover Scripts Conflicting

Yes i set button disabled when click

Had this same issue. I also was originally setting the button disabled temporarily during processing. Removing the dynamic disable and relocating into a page flow (so the user could click the button but it do nothing temporarily) fixed the tooltip issue as workaround.

HOWEVER, doing so an a different button did NOT fix the issue, and it was discovered for this button that it had a dynamic tooltip text. If the user was hovering the button at the time the dynamic expression changed, the tooltip permanently sticks on-page. This is also documented here:

So I’ve seen 2 issues to “stuck” tooltips thus far:

  1. Elements with a dynamic disable
  2. Elements with dynamic tooltip values that can update while the user is hovering

Fixed in Wappler 6 beta 10

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