Timeout problem when running SC

I have a strange error, and on a not very large amount of data - I’m trying to process several dozen records from PostGree databases and write the results to several tables in another MySQL database. I increased the maximum PHP response time, but this error probably occurs for a different reason.

Now this error pops up - does anyone know what it actually refers to?

How to increase the request timeout in NodeJS in Wappler?

It seems you're overloading the database server(s), increasing the timeout is just masking the problem, and it doesn't solve your 2nd error "ECONNRESET" (the database server closes the TCP connection)

You should use database transactions

Edit: I'm confused, I see NodeJS in the screenshots, but you also talk about PHP, so my message above might not apply to your situation - I was thinking NodeJS was talking directly to the database(s), but it seems you have some PHP somewhere too.

Anyway, point being, you're overloading whatever you're trying to access.

Without seeing your Wappler steps, it's difficult to tell if there's a problem that might be causing overloads.

If you're using shared hosting, consider about artificial performance limits your hosting provider might have in place.

And lastly, you could use software DBeaver Community Edition to move data from one database software to another if you don't need custom processing

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