This helped me in fixing importing old projects, in v2.0.2

So with the new version of Wappler, an issue is fixed where you were not able to import projects. But after upgrading to the new version I was still not able.

So I did the following to fix it for me:

  1. fully uninstall Wappler.
  2. remove the wappler folder from C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\
  3. reboot(might not be needed, but you never know)
  4. start installation via “Run as Administrator”( right click on installer and select “Run as Administrator”)
  5. run Wappler and import you should be able to import old Wappler version projects

Just sharing this as a possible solution, if any one else runs into the same issue.




Thanks for sharing Nick.

Usually a clean install of Wappler should be just fine. The procedure is described here: