"This field is required." despite data being entered

I have a form that has tested fine in the past but today it is returning “This field is required.” on every entry despite data being entered in the field.

the error message does not show up on the page either, just in debug


Hello, i see an unauthorized message - nothing related to missing values?

sorry I’ve updated the log in requirement

What do you mean? What log are you referring to?
Is there still a problem on the page or not?

yes. I had applied a security to it whish is why you were getting the error (i was testing it logged in)

I have removed the security so you can access the page

{“form”:{“P1”:“This field is required.”,“P2”:“This field is required.”,“P3”:“This field is required.”,“P4”:“This field is required.”,“P5”:“This field is required.”,“P6”:“This field is required.”,“P7”:“This field is required.”,“P8”:“This field is required.”,“P9”:“This field is required.”,“P10”:“This field is required.”,“P11”:“This field is required.”,“P12”:“This field is required.”,“P13”:“This field is required.”,“P14”:“This field is required.”,“P15”:“This field is required.”,“P16”:“This field is required.”,“P17”:“This field is required.”,“P18”:“This field is required.”,“P19”:“This field is required.”,“P20”:“This field is required.”,“P21”:“This field is required.”,“P22”:“This field is required.”,“P23”:“This field is required.”,“P24”:“This field is required.”}}

i just changed all to accept null on the server side.

I believe readonly fields cannot have the required attribute, as it’s generally assumed that they will already hold some value.