Supabase as database for dev

Hi guys. Have anyone tried to use Supabase as remote database for dev target? I’m looking for a free postgresql solution for dev environment.

My planned setup:

  • Local Wappler Server
  • NodeJS
  • Postgresql via Supabase

Will this setup work? Will I encounter any possible problem when pushed to production? What are your other suggestions for database?

Why I did not choose docker?

  • My macbook seems always hot when using docker. It seems CPU-intensive
    Why not Railway?
  • Their free tier is limited to 500 consumption hours (around 21days). 200hours if account is not verified

For your local development you can simply use sqlite

Another option is to install and run PostgreSQL database locally. Install it from and then install PgAdmin (graphical client for PostgreSQL) for it:

Is it okay to use sqlite for dev environment and postgresql on production? Won’t there be any compatibility problem when published?

I’ll check that PgAdmin. That’s more CPU efficient than docker? Thank you! :smiley:

If you use postgres for production then I would highly recommend using it for dev as well.

Are you on mac or windows?

I’m on mac. Still checking out the best way to get free dev database without using docker :smiley:

I’m on Mac, too, and I don’t like docker for local databases.

Here is my workflow. Very fast and streamlined:

I’m using and Tableplus for this. And if I need to do more advanced things with the db I use pgAdmin.

How would I use this? Install dbngin and tableplus and connect with wappler?

What’s the advantage over postgresql and pgAdmin?

@caleb dbngin simply creates postgresql databases on your system. You can then connect to these databases with Wappler, pgAdmin, TablePlus etc.

pgAdmin itself lets you only manage databases or create cloud instances.