Styling slider title and description


How can style the slide title and description, I’m trying to position the title and description to center of the slider image…any help?

Add the following to your style rules

.dmx-slideshow-title, .dmx-slideshow-description {
  text-align: center;
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Hi @ben mind to assist me how to center the slideshow text in Material theme? I added !important to the style as well but the title keeps position at the top left.

Ok I’ve figured out how the center the tile text for Material theme slideshow.

.dmx-slideshow-textbox-show {
  left: 25%;
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45% will center the text properly.

In my case 45% won’t center it to the page but place it to the right side instead. 25% does the trick. Not sure why, it should be around 50%. I didn’t go through the whole styles but at least that it how it worked in my case. I think It would be cool if we can visually customise the animation. :smile: Cheers.

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