Style.css : strange behaviour when saving new class through Design Panel

Current set-up : SPA Pages, Windows 10, MySQL, PHP

Typically, I change my CSS by hand, it’s just habit. Recently I changed my CSS to have one ‘style.css’ file linked in my SPA Parent page with links to other CSS files using @import url() as follows


When I am in an SPA Child page and want to add a new class selector, I select the tag where I want the selector and go to the Design Panel. I type in the name of the new class selector and make my CSS selection. Then save.


When I go to view my web page, ALL of the CSS styling has gone! On investigation, my style.css file is now blank.


If I hit the ‘undo’ button on the style sheet I then get to see the changes in the CSS file


If I go back to the web page, ALL of the CSS styling has gone again!

If I replace the braces {} in the CSS file with semi-colon ; then the web page displays correctly.


Didn’t figure out when the page goes blank, but I fixed the problem with the imports. Bugfix will be included in the next Wappler update.

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This is now fixed in Wappler 3.0.1

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