Static Slideshow possible bug for dynamic image

When I use the dynamic link for images in a static Slideshow, the dynamic bind values of the database field do not appear in the browser when viewing source code. It returns display=“none”

Here is code from Chrome code view.

This is the error message that appears in Wappler

This works if I change the dynamic values back to static links

It could be as simple as I cannot used dynamic images in a static slideshow.

But would like to know.

You have not given the slide and ID. Have a look at what it should look like

Hi Ben,

I’ve tried this suggestion, but still get the same errors in Wappler and any browser.
See attached.

As I’ve said earlier, if I put in a static url as you have in your example it works.
But I am not, I am binding a dynamic link which is calling a database field for the file resource.


I don’t understand what exactly are you trying to achieve.
For dynamic slides use the dynamic slides option.

Hi Teodor,

I could, its just that the Static option gives me the option to enter dynamic values. Which it does not seem to use when published.

It’s also because I had a created a table with 4 fields one for each slide, which are all under the one id.

Hi Teodor,

Taken your advice and created a database table for the slides, and all works great!

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