SSI PHP Include help

Hi, I’m trying to make repeated dynamic data table as php include(SSI) to use in other pages, but data is not loading when i use that include file. Something i’m doing wrong or how do i bind the data when i use the SSI ?

can you share your page

sorry that i cant share the page right now, because of client confidential. If you can show me a demo or sample guide line for making a repeated region for dynamic data as a table and then convert to SSI, and use that into a page as php include…

  1. add

<dmx-serverconnect id="xyz_id" url="dmxConnect/api/xyz_action.php"></dmx-serverconnect>

2 then use include

Thanks for the help… it worked :slight_smile: but i have a question that every time when i make dynamic php include do i need to add code like this?
<dmx-serverconnect id="xyz_id" url="dmxConnect/api/xyz_action.php"></dmx-serverconnect>

is there any other way to make that work from UI side? like adding it from App Structure panel…

I am having a similar problem.
Using a table BS4 TABLE GENERATOR on the test.php I am just fine.
I used register.php to use BS4 FORM GENERATOR and that works fine. I took the form from register.php as a SSI and that works fine.
I go back to test.php add a container column row and the SSI the form .
In WAPPLER I see it fine – ,looks good. I have loaded all the files and the SSI even using a different ftp (IPSWITCH) but the (6.6 KB)
form is nowhere to be seen.

Please check what’s the exact error message returned as explained here:

I see that the TEST.php has no problems but does not load the REGISTER.php
But the REGISTER.php from which I took the SSI - the debugging caused that not to load and there are errors there.
Tomorrow I’ll redo it.
I am at the stage of trial and (lots of ) error.
I cannot overstate how much I enjoy the application. And admire your stoic patience.
I’ll tell you tomorrow if it works anew. I think the problem may be that I could not decide if this was a PHP INSERT or SSI INSERT - eventually, I reverted to the SSI after trying PHP INSERT
Anyway, tomorrows another day.
Thanks again

Works – thanks