SQLite on Capacitor

Is SQLite supported in wappler for capacitor projects? I can create a DB connection in the Database Manager but I can’t seem to do anything with it.

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I think it’s not support yet, hope team add full integration to it in the future.
And maybe you make it feature request if not already

We still have to finalize the SQLite integration for mobile. Now that we have also added capacitor support, the path is much more clear.

It just got delayed a bit due to other priorities.

See also:

Any update on this ? Really wanted SQLite for an offline app.

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I was just wondering if this was on the roadmap still @George I have a project in mind that I would like to use Wappler for but would need local db / storage support.

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With the new Capacitor integration, we have to remake in SQLite integration and plugins in a whole new way. So hope to get it done soon, working on it now.

Thanks @George, as a rough estimate (if you feel like you would be happy to give one :slight_smile: ) do you think thats days months or years away?

Few weeks


Wow thanks looking forward to it!

Now you can use SQLite for your mobile and desktop projects: Using Local Databases in Mobile and Desktop apps

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