is not working properly

Wappler 3.7.8
Windows 10pro
Docker / Nodejs / Mysql

I select to use live refresh and the server connect stops working

can someone confirm if the same error is happening to you

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Hi Adriano

For sockets to work correctly, they must be enabled not only on the client side, but also on the server side. Is the server-side settings done correctly?

I also work on Win10 + mysql, but without docker and I haven’t updated the Wappler yet (version 3.7.6). My sockets work stably.

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Yes I know how it works I have used it in other times it must be a bug in this version, Thank you so much for helping

@Teodor Is this really a bug?

I am also having problems with - maybe this is the same issue?

Do you get any errors in the console, perhaps the sockets connection could not be established. Also check the network tab to see if there is some socket connection.

Hello @patrick this only occurs when using the docker, Using the nodejs server itself this problem does not occur could you please do a test please?

Please test following update. (22.6 KB)

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.1

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