Simple table layout

I look for a simple table x-rows y-columns layout for aligning small static data. I tried the table thing but then I need to clean up all the classes, theaders etc .
Or is there another simple way to align data in an text-area?

Just to make this:

Can you explain more, sorry might just be me but I am a bit confused, you used the word text-area, which could mean a form text-area input field?
Or are you just wanting to simply display a table with static data inside a normal Bootstrap 4 container > row > column scenario?

If it is just the Bootstrap scenario then take a look at rather using the built in Description Lists in BS4

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Yes, this I need. Just for small layout purposes it saves a lot of time.

Well in that case I think it would be quicker, easier and cleaner to rather use the link i provided above that will explain how to use description lists.
I mean the only reason you are using a table in this case is for the alignment options, which can be achieved in a very similar way with using the Description List build into BS4

You can get to it directly in Wapplers design view, by adding a new component into a column and finding under Lists > Description List

Thanks. I think this will do the job also. I didn’t thought to use the description list for this matter! :+1:

No problem, I use them all the time because the code is so much cleaner and because it is more responsive in nature than using the very bloated table markup, good luck.

Good advice from @psweb. I used them a few months ago in a Wappler project (before description list were directly accessible in Wappler). Example below - with data coming from several many-many relationships (easily managed with query builder).

I hadn’t used them much before, but I was pleased with the light mark up and the control you have over the layout. There are some useful tips in the Bootstrap documentation too.

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  1. Can not add a description list in the body off a card.
  2. Inside a description list I want to add a new row (Insert after). This is not possible in the App Structure.

It should be possible to add new Rows - Terms - Descriptions in a description list.