Signature Capture Box


Has anyone ever slipped a ‘signature capture box’ into a page using DMXzone extensions, or the new Wappler?

I tried with both, and everything was working fine until I installed the App Connect. At that point the signature capture failed… actually the drawing ‘pen’ within the canvas area stopped working.

Could that be a conflict between the .js versions that are used by the ‘signature capture box’ and the App Connect?

I thought I would ask how this might be achieved because I prefer to work with the Wappler.



Just taking a wild guess but what happens if you switch the order of the js links?


Good job! I had moved them before with no effect. However, I took another look, then I found the js links that controlled the drawing canvas was located at the very bottom of the page. So I just put dmxAppConnect.js beneath them. Wa la, it worked! Thanks for the wild guess!


Excellent! Good luck with your project!


I would love to add a signature box to a form. Is this available in Wappler?


This is quite an interesting request. Seems I’ve missed it before.

Do you mean something like:

And should the signature be submitted together with a form, as an image - like a file upload field?


That’s the one I have used. Just as George said, you can save the signature via form field or post the ‘image’ via json data to your database. That was with the canvas HTML5… I believe.


Did you code it all self?

I think it will be better if we made an App Connect Component out of this - so that it is just seen and processed as image upload field - automatically.


Yes, but that was 3-5 years ago, with the help of some the GitHub guys. However, I agree with you, it should become another peerless tool of Wappler.


I did this recently using signature pad and wappler

Patrick helped with the signature regeneration