Signature Capture Box

Has anyone ever slipped a ‘signature capture box’ into a page using DMXzone extensions, or the new Wappler?

I tried with both, and everything was working fine until I installed the App Connect. At that point the signature capture failed… actually the drawing ‘pen’ within the canvas area stopped working.

Could that be a conflict between the .js versions that are used by the ‘signature capture box’ and the App Connect?

I thought I would ask how this might be achieved because I prefer to work with the Wappler.


Just taking a wild guess but what happens if you switch the order of the js links?

Good job! I had moved them before with no effect. However, I took another look, then I found the js links that controlled the drawing canvas was located at the very bottom of the page. So I just put dmxAppConnect.js beneath them. Wa la, it worked! Thanks for the wild guess!

Excellent! Good luck with your project!

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I would love to add a signature box to a form. Is this available in Wappler?

This is quite an interesting request. Seems I’ve missed it before.

Do you mean something like:

And should the signature be submitted together with a form, as an image - like a file upload field?

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That’s the one I have used. Just as George said, you can save the signature via form field or post the ‘image’ via json data to your database. That was with the canvas HTML5… I believe.

Did you code it all self?

I think it will be better if we made an App Connect Component out of this - so that it is just seen and processed as image upload field - automatically.


Yes, but that was 3-5 years ago, with the help of some the GitHub guys. However, I agree with you, it should become another peerless tool of Wappler.

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I did this recently using signature pad and wappler

Patrick helped with the signature regeneration


Is there an easy way to implement something like this ( my coding sucks). Capturing a signature would be ideal for documents, invoices, fitness related PARQ etc.


Would also like to know how possible this is, would work perfectly in the project I’m currently working on transferring from Bubble

Take a look at this. It’s fairly easy to implement and you only need to use this one bit.

It works with stylus on a tablet or finger on a mobile.

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I would have no idea how to implement that :slight_smile:, ill look at the docs over weekend.

Is there any further development on this?

I have a similar challenge: I have a picture in a canvas which I like to upload to a server. I figured I can build on parts of the file upload tutorial. What would be the best/easiest way to convert the canvas data to a file that can be uploaded? Is “canvas.toDataURL(“image/png”)” the way to go? Or are there other/better ways?

Is there any moment on this please? I am currently on a project where this is needed. Would be super impressive if it was in Wappler :slight_smile:

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My suggestion is to stop building forms natively and integrate.SurveyJS. it’s got everything and more

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Why pay $899 for it when a majority can be done in Wappler. All we are missing is the ability to capture a signature


Time is money.