Show modal on page load?

I found this …

But that works based on cookies. I’d like to show the modal evrytime the page is loaded.

Click on App > On load
Then select the open modal. Works like a charm.

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Couldn’t find a way to do that?

I ended up just doing half of the tutorial I linked. Seems to work. Probably your solution is more efficient but couldn’t figure it out.

Heres a video on how to do it mate, its really just a couple of clicks :slight_smile:

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Well, that was easy. Must be getting close to beer time. Thanks!

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Why not set Auto Show



Hahaha no worries, I wish it was beer time here…6am and in the office on a Saturday :slight_smile:

That was my original thought. Setting Auto show didn’t do anything at all.

Did not think of that one, lol. The simplest of all checkboxes right there in front of us.

Tested the Auto Show option and it works for me, but using the load event is also good.

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The Auto Show does not display the modal on page load using BS5.

Couldn’t get this to work either:

No errors in browser’s console.