'show modal' keeps getting taken off my event list

I have been working with dynamic modals a bunch, and ‘showing’ them using onclick events from various things, right now its a cell in a table.
For some reason, ‘show’ and ‘hide’ in the selected actions keep dropping themselves off the list…
Idk if this is something other people have encountered, I’ve been ignoring it for a few days now, just adding again every few times I make a change but it is getting annoying haha

Hi @Adriel_Goodwin,
We are aware of this issue as it has been reported already. We are going to fix it in the next updates.

Ok cool, thats great

It seems sometimes Wappler gets a bit ‘tired’ and starts misbehaving slightly erratically - showing the sort of symptoms you describe or not syncing between preview/code/app connect reliably etc… Perhaps it’s some sort of caching problem. Anyway, at this point I close Wappler, using the ‘full close’ option (eg via the Windows tray). After a restart, all is well (usually).

I just tend to think that Wappler is asking me to reconsider what I am doing. :grinning: :smile: :blush:

But I am glad it is going to be fixed. :partying_face:

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A temporary workaround is always click in the modal hide/show step before closing the dialogue, seems to stop this happening, its a very old bug which is indeed very annoying


this is now fixed in Wappler 2.1.6

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