Setup SPA in NodeJS Project

I am not able to Setup SPA in NodeJS Project, do u have any tutorial to make routing. The tutorial which i found on documentation is different from current wappler setting. Current we are having more option as compared to documentation. See Screenshot.

Main is the layout file, and event.ejs is the content file. But its reloading the page.

FYI @nshkrsh @sid

Not sure why you chose a SPA over MPA.

In my case I was wrapped creating SPA’s because of the template type structure.

In NodeJS, the templating is made very simple as is shown by @Teodor’s great tutorial at

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couple reasons:
UX of a SPA is much better than MPA. navigating a SPA website is much smoother than MPA.
lesser calls to server since the whole page won’t load again and again.

@ben we see that you were able to config SPA with NodeJS here: Problem with SPA under NodeJS
it’d be great if you could help us here please?

Hi @nshkrsh,

The advantages of a SPA are indeed impressive. However, NodeJS with the template system replicates a SPA. I will not go into it here in order to help you with your problem.

All of the pages need to be static pages, i.e. with an html extension. This is opposed to dynamic pages have the ejs extension.

The routing will look similar to


Edit: To see a work in progress project see . I have stopped working on this project and working on a NodeJS Template instead.


We will be improving a lot the SPA for NodeJS a lot after our summer break of a few weeks, as they have quite different implementation than the PHP ones and need to fit more the new NodeJS templating.