Setting MYSQL 1rst conect


I can t find the way to setup the connection to a MySQL hosted DB ?
in the Project settings I dont see a menu to select Mysql or else DBs…
(only Ftps shows…)

What did I miss ? - Is that only possible on some Versions ? :roll_eyes:


Hi @bibi,
Please check the connect to database tutorial.

Database connection and ftp connection are two different things. You first setup a target with ftp connection to your server and then using this target you setup the database connection from within the server connect (as explained in the tutorial).

Hi everyone,
Iḿ stuck…either after settign the FTP with success - or - starting another totally new project, I never get to see the “No server model…” msg at anytime… After the FTP, been looking arround and can t find the Mysql next creation step too…

my Project is on the right side…and doesnt display any Mysql setup windows !

Do I have to Add some extention to Acces Database or MySQL features ?

I don’t see this message either - and if you’re using MySQL, you don’t want to see it. You need to click the little gear icon at the bottom left of the screen and enter the server type:


After that you will be able to add a connection step in server connect:


… and enter the settings as you would expect:


I’m sure it’s all explained in the documentation (links provided earlier in the thread).

Hi Tom, Yes I ve been repeating similar procedure to reach that “DB Con” window, still…it doesnt work for me this way…instead this is what I get. …and while trying to fullfill the requirement for the options…I’m not offered any way to register a new DB.


What happens if you follow the documentation step by step? Which step you cannot reproduce?

According to this picture, on clicking “Connection options”…
TomD gets access to a “Database connection” window…

When I do the same…I get a “Warning mesage saying I need to get into options and configure some Server options… and the problem is I can not set anyother options than FTPs in those following steps…I never get to seee anything related to Databases…” So it seems to me has a bug. !


@bibi are you sure you followed the docs step by step?

It is clearly explained that you need to:

  1. Setup a target (connect to your server ftp)

  2. Select this target from the target menu

  3. Then you can create the DB connection

I really don’t know how to explain this more detailed than it is already explained in the documentation.

I did set an FTP connection on a remote server only. (it connects to it with success)
but I have no Wamp server installed locally, I planned on accessing the MySQL - already created - on the same hosted server…
Does one have to use a local Mysql first ? …seems your pictures displays a Local Folder with Wamp.

No, my picture is just an illustration. You should connect to your remote server, as we already explained to you in all the topics you created about this issues.

Just select your target from the target menu before creating the database connection!

I ve created 3 project. 1 is having an FTP server connection.
On the pic below I can select this connection as you suggest - BEFORE - I start creating a DB connection.

With the two other projects I m trying to achieve the same creating a MySql connection for that.
but I can not select a MySql connection if I cannot create it too…and I have no idea why I cant create it one although it seems simple steps…
so thats where I m stuck still…FTP%20TARGET

@bibi as i explained above - these are different things.

In order to create a database connection you need to create and FTP connection to your server first! Then you select it from the targets menu. Then you can create your database connection in the server connect panel.

Really it’s not that complicated … also it is pretty detailed explained in the documentation.

woww…wht happened ? finally I can reach this windows…after dozens of trials !!!
its the first time I could succeed so…

(sorry was looking at the right picture)

I don’t understand what do you mean exactly …

I mean, Finally I could reach the Panel…and I dont get why this time it works and not before…

Which panel exactly?
And what was not working? Sorry, i don’t understand.

sorry I was missing the right capture about the SQL database choice that FINALY I can have acces to !!!